and some change

Spring Break

… and I’m spending it at home, sleeping the days away. How wonderful is life?

So it turns out that my return transportation was arranged under the assumption that my spring break was two weeks instead of one, which is really puzzling. So now I’m getting back to O’Hare at 10PM on Sunday night, and there’s about a two-hour bus and train ride back from there, so… I’ll be getting back late, yeah. Eh, at least I get to come back on time, right?

I’ve been doing a lot of piano playing, a little studying for Chinese, a little learning Brainfuck, Java, and the OpenGL interface for C++, and a tiny bit of studying chem for our pre-chem 12300 exam when we get back. I don’t get why we’re taking another cumulative exam right after we took the final, but whatever. I guess they make the rules for a reason.

Also, Clannad is almost done. The storyline is finished; the last episode will be a DVD extra that wraps up the series. It’s a good series, though the ending wasn’t nearly as good as that of, say, Haruhi or Kanon. But those are pretty high standards to be holding any anime up to. In any case, now that it’s done, they can get back to releasing new eps of Haruhi (or so I’ve heard), so this is a joyous occasion.

I’ve become a massive weeaboo, in case you couldn’t tell. Just to further prove my point, here’s me learning the Kanon intro (Last Regrets by Key) and the Haruhi intro (Bouken Desho Desho? by Aya Hirano).

Oh, and I think Joe and I are going to be writing an FPS. A fractal FPS. In Brainfuck.

God help us.