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    This is the personal blog of Charles Guo. I studied mathematics at the University of Chicago.

    My hometown is Chicago, and I’ve lived here for over a decade in total now on both the north and south sides. Living in the midst of one of the most racially- and economically- segregated cities in the country helps me keep my feet on the ground when talking about the problems that our society faces.

    I do most of my coding in Python, C++, and PHP. I do a lot web programming, though I’ve also done a lot of machine learning and data analysis work. I’ve stuck religiously to the idea that devs should understand the ins and outs of the stacks they use, and I still remember the good old days of struggling for hours trying to get a basic WAMP setup working properly.

    For fun, I love to go running or play piano. I’ve been classically-trained in piano for over a decade, and the first movement of the Sonata Pathetique still┬ásends shivers down my spine whenever I play or hear it. I wish I had more time for these things!

    The header image is a photo of the Chinese pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai. Our family travels to China every four years or so; going back and seeing how different things are compared to in the states, and how quickly things are changing over time, is always eye-opening.

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    1. Joshua Turck
      May 5, 2012 at 10:55 am

      Chinese Pavilion was so cool, I really wish I could’ve made it to the World Expo.

      • shaldengeki
        May 5, 2012 at 11:08 am

        Well, the Chinese pavilion is a permanent structure, so you still have time to visit sometime! Just be glad you didn’t have to be shamed by how bad the US pavilion was, heh.

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