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China 2011 Trip - Day Four

Today was mostly a logistics and planning day. Nailed down our trip down south, went out to eat with a couple of family friends at a Szechuan restaurant. Lots of free time. Ironically enough I almost forgot to write up this post - it is now 11:30 pm. So I’m half conscious now; you’ll forgive me if this post is a little more rambling and less coherent than my usual writing.

Things I thought about today:

  • Parents are people too, despite how noble or blameless they may want you to think they are.
  • Real life is incredibly dirty. Sweat and dirt and noise abound. I like it that way. Lots of people don’t.
  • I can’t imagine that the incredible amounts of air pollution going on in and around Beijing isn’t having a terribly detrimental effect on its inhabitants’ quality of life. I’ve gotta do some research in this area.
  • The ritual of returning to China every few years is just that - a ritual. There are parts to be enjoyed on my end, of course, but in the end it is for a higher purpose, of sorts.