• Resume

    Charles Youmeng Guo

    6395 Country Road
    Eden Prairie, MN 55346
    (773) 451-5807


    University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

    Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (Incomplete)
    Courses: Point-Set Topology, Intro to Complexity Theory, Basic Algebra, Analysis in Rn


    Animurecs (Website, Github)

    Wrote anime recommendation engine in C++ using SVD (based on Simon Funk’s Netflix algorithm, trained on >60M ratings). Also wrote a PHP MVC application to deliver personalized near real-time recommendations to users.

    LLAnimu (Website)

    Wrote a Python daemon to regularly poll MyAnimelist.net for anime list changes for a set of friends, and a PHP/JS webapp to display updates and statistics for each user and series. Also uses Sphinx to provide a search engine for a large (~118M) corpus of posts on a private forum.


    Crunchyroll, San Francisco, June 2013 – September 2013

    • Developed a generic recommendation engine based on prior SVD work
    • Coordinated with different products to set up regular pulls of relevant user feedback data into recommendation engine datastore
    • Assisted in redesign of primary product website, implementing primary user feed view in both front and backend

    Institute for Genomics & Systems Biology, University of Chicago, May 2012 – January 2013

    • Developed Ruby on Rails LIMS to track status of Drosophila and human genome sequencing pipelines for ENCODE and modENCODE projects
    • Wrote Python genome processing daemon to automatically start jobs and notify project leaders of completion
    • Assumed management of all genome sequencing jobs for several labs for three weeks while supervisor was away


    • Programming Languages: Python, PHP/MySQL/JS/CSS, C++, Ruby on Rails, R
    • Operating Systems: Windows, Debian/Ubuntu Linux
    • Languages: Oral proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish


    • Kim A, Kilimnik G, Guo C, Sung J, Jo J, Periwal V, Witkowski P, Dilorio P, Hara M. “Computer-assisted Large-scale Visualization and Quantification of Pancreatic Islet Mass, Size Distribution and Architecture.” J Vis Exp. 2011 Mar 4;(49). pii: 2471. doi: 10.3791/2471.
    • Jo J, Kilimnik G, Kim A, Guo C, Periwal V, Hara M. “Formation of pancreatic islets involves coordinated expansion of small islets and fission of large interconnected islet-like structures.” Biophys J. 101.3 (2011): 565-74. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2011.06.042


    Neighborhood Schools Program, Chicago, IL, October 2009-February 2010

    Technology Assistant: Resolved technology issues for underserved schools in the region; consulted with teachers on ways to enrich existing curriculum with technology

    University of Chicago MICRO, Chicago, IL, September 2009-June 2010

    CSL Coordinator: Management of and Investment in Colonies and Resource Operations (Starcraft gaming league); organised school team of six players to play matches against opposing universities every week in a Swiss-style tournament

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