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    This was originally my very first Ruby on Rails project, but it’s since evolved into a PHP webapp that uses a variant of Simon Funk’s SVD algorithm (written in C++) to generate near real-time anime recommendations for users who provide ratings for series they’ve watched. As you might imagine, this is very much a full-stack project, and I’ve had a lot of fun pushing the limits of my knowledge so far!


    This is a stats site that I run for a small set of regulars on a medium-sized forum. It’s been an ongoing project over the past four years, and in the process I’ve learned a lot about PHP/MySQL. As a result the codebase is awful.


    This is a Python library to programmatically access link and board data on End of the Internet. It’s been one of my first long-term serious commitments in Python, with tests and all.


    This is a web.py server providing intelligent topic tagging on the aforementioned forum. I learned a lot of machine learning through the Stanford online course for this; cloudLL uses sk-learn extensively to classify topics and posts. Eventually I’m looking to incorporate SQLAlchemy to provide an MVC-like structure to it, so I can stop repeating code all over the place.

    You can find my Github here. Sometimes I put small projects there that don’t merit entries here.

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