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Links! Links for Everyone!

Holy god I’ve been ridiculously busy today. Believe me, there’s good reason for why there’s no blogpost today. I’ll have plenty of time either tomorrow or the day after to type up a couple to make up for it. And there’s been a lot of good stuff to write about, so please stay tuned!

The top 10 papers in Computer Science by Mendeley readership - Some of this is really surprising (LDA topping the list, for one thing). The sample sizes aren’t terribly large here, so I’d take the results (and following analysis) with a grain of salt, but undoubtedly some of these papers deserve to be on the list! I also really like the readership-field breakdown, though the charts for each paper could stand to use some work.

American Airlines’ unlimited first-class pass debacle - It’s pretty cool to hear about this sort of thing cutting the other way for once, and it’s really interesting to hear the steps that companies take to crack down on what they see as a loss-leader.

A statistician justifies his purchase of lottery tickets - I must admit, I hadn’t really thought very much about the “hours of enjoyment” angle. Though my immediate reaction to this argument is that the accumulated loss over all tickets outweigh the one or two hours of fantasizing you get in return!